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Here are our top ten tips for how you can improve your website design before the end of the year…

  1. Include social share and follow buttons – social media is ruling the internet at the moment and we cannot see that changing, so make sure each article and image on your website has the option for your visitors to share and follow your social media pages.
  2. Implement as many call to action functions and features as possible – allow your visitors to contact you easily, through contact forms, visible telephone number, signing up to newsletters etc.
  3. Let your users scroll your homepage – the more information on your homepage the better, as that is normally the first page your visitors will view.
  4. Stay mobile friendly – ensure that your website is viewable on mobile devices.
  5. Remove stock photos – personal photos and ‘real’ photos are better than stock photos – they allow you to be more open and friendly with your visitors.
  6. Use the right images – as mentioned in tip 5.
  7. Make sure your visitors can find what they are looking for easily – the worst thing on many bad websites is that users can not found what they are looking for easily. A good navigation menu is vital.
  8. Leave white space between elements – the more the better.
  9. Use consistent branding – make sure that your website is consistent in colour, look and feel across all pages.
  10. Give your visitors less choices –the more choices you offer someone, the decision time increases as well. Instead of presenting your visitor with many products on the homepage, present them with just a vital few, allowing them to make a quicker decision.

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08 July 2019
How can I be more mobile friendly?

Being mobile friendly is not a choice, it a lifestyle method. It has to be done in order to keep above and beyond your competitors. The use of mobiles is not going to decrease anytime soon, with mobile usage being at an all-time high. Search engines such as Google understand this and allow the better mobile friendly websites to effectively show up higher in their search engines.

04 July 2019
Is your website dated?

So, your website was launched a few years ago. Are things that can make your website look and feel dated. The average lifespan of a website design is 3 years, so if your website was created before that, it is important you review it and update as necessary.

26 June 2019
How effective is leaflet advertising for your small business?

Leaflets are an effective marketing tool – but they require creativity and commitment. Since we are now in the digital era – leaflets do get overlooked but there are ways to make them work for your business. Leaflets are a way to communicate to your potential customers without giving them a hard sell and allowing them to contact you on their terms.

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