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increase reviews for ecommerce products

So, you have an ecommerce website, you have sold products, but you have no reviews for these products – this is not a good thing for your business.

The more reviews you have the better standing your business will be in. Potential customers love to read reviews, SEO likes ecommerce content, especially reviews. You need reviews to gain exposure to your business and sell more products. Here are some ideas on how you can get reviews:

  1. Request a review in follow up emails to your current customers – Once you know your customer has received your product, send an email to ask your customer what they think of the product.
  2. Find niche bloggers who review products – ask for a review in exchange for a discount on one of your products.
  3. Add review buttons and forms to your product pages – this is important and should not be missed as part of your website design
  4. Use social media – you could use your facebook page to reach out to your customers by explaining that their feedback means a lot to you and will help your business grow.
  5. Sell more products via a promotion – the more products you sell the more chances you have of getting a review for them.

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