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The most common yet expensive way to grow followers of your social media accounts is to spend money on advertising. However, if your budget does not allow this, here are some sure-fire ways that can help your business get more followers in the digital world:

hashtags to boost your social media following

1. Use hashtags – Use hashtags that are relevant to your content and your business. This will help people who are interested in your type of products or services and your business operation.

2. Create quality content – your information should be up to date and relevant to what is trending at the moment. Create articles that are clever and creative, with attention capturing images. The higher quality content you have the higher you will rank with SEO.

3. Share your blog posts – make your posts engaging and post your blogs on your social media pages regularly to boost your chances of getting leads to your website.

4. Be consistent – do not update your social media once every blue moon, be consistent and regular. Create a schedule so you can map out how many posts you will be creating per week. Avoid long periods of inactivity or dumping updates in too many huge bursts. Instead of posting updates randomly as you think of them, try to post at the same frequency every day and every week, so people can get used to the rhythm at which you post.

5. Add social plugins to your website – Visitors on your website should be able to find your social pages easily.

6. Use promotions – with any type of sales, promotions are always an attractive feature. People love special offers. You can use your social media pages to engage your audience through discounts, freebies and competitions.

7. Fill out your profile completely – do not leave blanks, e.g. if you have no description about what you do people will not know what to expect or if you have no profile picture, this is off putting to potential likes. Always keep your profile up to date.

promotions to boost social media following

8. Add links between your social media pages – the more exposure you give yourself the better.

9. Ask your employees, friends, family, current customers, partners, vendors etc to follow your pages.

10. Get involved in discussions – demonstrate your expertise and introduce yourself to others, allowing you to get new followers. Also, be sure to respond to comments that you get on your posts.

11. Post pictures – the more the better. People are more likely to engage with visual content that with written content – so update your pages with photos.

sharing to boost social media following

12. Ask for shares – not for all posts, but for your most special posts, ask your current followers to share them. Sharing is a very powerful feature on social media and it is how you will ultimately get more followers.

13. Post strong opinions – these will get strong reactions, which means you will generate more discussion and attract more visitors.

14. Specify your location so people near you can follow you.

15. For Instagram – be sure to post on Sundays. This is the most popular day for Instagram.

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