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Why is white space so important in web design?

White space is simply that – a space on your website that is white. The spaces between your text, your images and all other components. As a designer I love white space – if used properly it can deliver a website that is easy for users to read and understand. The past few years web trends have moved from cluttered backgrounds to clean backgrounds – this is continuing and will carry on in to 2019.

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Ways to market your website

It is fantastic that you have a website for your business – to promote your products or your services. However, if you are getting no visitors to your website, your profits and stability are being affected.

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I need to set up an online shop…

So, you have a bricks and mortar shop looking to expand into the digital world or you are looking to set up a brand new online shop; the possibilities can seem endless. Let’s keep it simple for you so you understand what is required and how you can achieve it

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Top design trends for 2019

Web design and graphics are forever evolving, not only to meet web audiences’ needs but also to meet the technological requirements in the digital world.

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15 November 2018
Get your ecommerce website ready for Christmas

When creating your website design, we always recommend that you have a blog – having a blog gives your website the advantages of expert content, search engine ranking and a professional look and feel.

23 October 2018
How to come up with fresh content ideas

Your website needs content. Good content. That is a fact. Your content needs to be interesting, entertaining and informative. To get this, it is not as easy as it seems.

18 October 2018
Strategic use of images for SEO

When trying to get results for search engine optimisation, people often concentrate on the writing on their website and forget to think about their images. Using images strategically on your website is very important for SEO and they can help boost your website’s ranking with some simple steps...

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