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being mobile friendly

Being mobile friendly is not a choice, it a lifestyle method. It has to be done in order to keep above and beyond your competitors. The use of mobiles is not going to decrease anytime soon, with mobile usage being at an all-time high.

Search engines such as Google understand this and allow the better mobile friendly websites to effectively show up higher in their search engines. Do not get left behind. Here are a few tips on how to be more mobile friendly -

  1. Do not create a separate mobile website – keep your website in sync online and on your phone; the same as how your branding should be kept consistent throughout all of your marketing items, the same is said for your website.
  2. Use drop downs – this reduces text entry and makes it quicker for a user to enter what they would like to on your website.
  3. No zooming – make sure your website text is large and easy to read, zooming can affect user experience.
  4. Make sure that your content is formatted for readability and can be skimmed through, to keep users attention.
  5. Do not use autoplay – some users may not like a video to start playing when they are on a certain page as it can cause an inconvenience. Let visitors choose whether they want to play your videos or not.
  6. Make sure your site loads fast – nothing worse than a slow website. Sometimes file sizes can affect load times, especially on mobiles. Try to keep file sizes as small as possible whilst also retaining visual quality.

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