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When trying to sell a product, images cannot always tell the whole story, but a good written description can. Writing minimal, boring descriptions show that you are not taking your products seriously so why should your customer?

However, clearly articulated and creative product descriptions attract customers because they are getting a feel for your personality as well as the product.

generate sales with ecommerce product descriptions

Here are some ways that you can write top notch product descriptions:

  1. Keep the most important selling features of the product at the top of the description – there are visitors that will only read some of your content, by obviously starting at the top. So, try to mention what will impact your customers buying in the first paragraph, or even sentence of your product description.
  2. Be consistent – ensure that all product descriptions are using the same format and length. People thrive on consistency, as they feel comfortable.
  3. Always add benefits of the products along with its features and specifications – customers will automatically feel the need to buy your product if they can read advantages of having it. Instead of reading about just what the product can do, they need to know why it will be beneficial for them.
  4. Consider your customers FAQs – e.g. can this be washed in the washing machine? Is it waterproof? Is this a good present for my dad? This makes life easier for your customer thus helping to improve your sales. Answer questions before they arise.
  5. Add a wish list for products on your website – this allows potential customers to save your products to their baskets for later, this gives you an opportunity to market your customers and find out more about their needs.
  6. Include information you have from customer reviews when writing product descriptions so you can show what works and matters most to your customers.
  7. Do not forget keywords – strategically placed keywords in your descriptions help immensely with your search engine rankings. In regard to SEO, do not forget:
    1. Write descriptive titles
    2. Write interesting meta descriptions
    3. Label product images with relevancy.

Here is a general checklist of items that you should include in your product descriptions:

  1. Detailed information about your product
  2. Video review
  3. User manual
  4. Information about your brand

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